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A bot interviews you and writes your press release

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Discover how you can speed you your press release production by talking more and typing less.

Power up your press releases with AI writing muscle

Add text using your own voice

And if you don't get it all said in the first sentence, you can just add additional sentences.

Rephrase in seconds

If you are not happy with your quite, just hit the retry button and give it a another shot.

Edit and approve easily

The app comes with several advanced editing features, making it much faster than any comparable technique.

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Get press releases done faster

Have a two-way conversation with your phone

Have a conversation with your phone, and let it will together a meaningful press release - if you provide it with a meaningful piece of news.

Get a ready-made press release emailed to yourself

After being interviewed by the app, you'll get your press release emailed to yourself.

No credit card required

Sign up now and try it out  - for free. No credit card payment or other payment is required to try out the app.

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